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Audio Catalogue (by Subject and Title)

Human Rights
Public Policy
John Warwick Montgomery
  Albert Schweitzer And Modern Theology
  Biblical Basis For Human Rights
  Christian Faith And Human Rights: The Pascal Lectures, 1987
  Christianity and World Religions
  Christianity In A Corner
Now on CD Christian Philosophy Of History
  Contemporary Eschatological Thinking
  Contemporary Religious Thought
  Contemporary Theology
  Critical Legal Studies
  "Death of God" Movement: A Critique
Death Of "The Death Of God"
  Defending the Biblical Gospel
  Documentary Theories and the Old Testament
Newon CD Does God Exist?
  Doing Human Rights
Newon CD Dublin Debate
  Evangelicalism: The Grandeur And the Misery
  Evolution Of A Legal Loon
  General Revelation And the Apologist
  Great Australia Atheism Debate
  Great Chicago Air Show(Down)
  Hebrews: What God Wants To Teach Us
Now on CD History Of Christian Apologetics: Defending the Gospel Through the Centuries
  Holy Spirit And Defense Of the Faith
  How Legal Hermeneutics Can Assist the Theologian In Interpreting Scripture
Is Man His Own God?
  Israel And Human Rights
  Issues In Health Care: Ethical, Legal & Human Rights
  Jesus' Resurrection: What Historical Evidence?
  Jesus: What Evidence?
  John: Defending the Faith in the Gospel of John
  Law And Christian Theology: Some Foundational Principles
  Law And Gospel: How they Relate In A Pluralistic Society
  Law And Morality: Friends Or Foes?
Newon CD Law and Ultimate Concerns: An Introduction to Jurisprudence
  Law at the Movies
  Lawyer's Case For Christianity
  Lord Denning
  Marxism and Human Rights
  Modern Theology and Contemporary Legal Theory: A Tale of Ideological Collapse
  Muslim Apologetics: A Critique
  Neglected Apologetic Styles: the Juridical And Literary
  Occultic Revolution
Newon CD Philosophy: An Introduction
  Presuppositionalism - Evidentialism Revisited
  Prophecy, Escatology and Apologetics
  Reformation Studies
  Reliability of the Bible
  Role Of the Church In the 20th Century
Romans: What God Wants to Teach Us
  Search For Absolutes: A Sherlockian Inquiry
  Sensible Christianity
  Situation Ethics
  Teaching Them All Things
  Trial Of "Athens 3"
Newon CD The Truth of Christianity: More Than A Feeling
  Who was Jesus? Did He Rise from the Dead? A Muslim-Christian Debate


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