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    Who was Jesus? Did He Rise from the Dead?
A Muslim-Christian Debate

Author: John Warwick Montgomery and Shabir Ally

The Inns of Court School of Law in London, England was the scene of a lively debate on the truthfulness of the claims of two of the world's most prominent religions on October 17, 2003. The debaters were Shabir Ally, a graduate of Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario with a B.A. in religious studies, and president and founder of the Islamic Information and Da'Wah Center in Toronto, Canada, and John Warwick Montgomery.

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Christianity and World Religions
Author: John Warwick Montgomery & Professor Tiebout

How does the Christian faith relate to other faiths? In what sense is Christianity unique? How might a Christian approach the study of comparative religions? These and other questions are addressed in Dr. Montgomery’s lecture at the University of Illinois–Urbana in the spring of 1966, and is followed by a “spirited dialogue” between Dr. Montgomery and Dr. Tiebout, Professor of Comparative Religion at the University of Illinois–Urbana.

2 CDs

The Great Chicago Air Show(Down) (11358 bytes)
  Great Chicago Air Show(down)
Authors: John Warwick Montgomery and Madalyn Murray O'Hare

In 1967 John Warwick Montgomery and Madalyn Murray O'Hare appeared as co-guests on a Chicago radio show. This is a live recording of their riotous and tempestuous clash. Madalyn Murray O'Hare founded American Atheists Inc., and was an active lobbyist for removing prayers and Bible readings from public schools.

2 tapes / 2 CDs

Is_Man_his_own_Godsm.jpg (9341 bytes)
  Is Man His Own God?
Author: John Warwick Montgomery and Julian J. Steen

On February 5, 1969 Drs. Montgomery and Steen were invited to the campus of DePaul University to debate the question, "Is there a supreme being - someone above me - who knows me, who watches out for me, who can help me, who is my guarantee of eternal life; or is man on his own in this universe?" Julian J. Steen was Dean of the Chicago School for Adults, and a well-known American humanist.

2 tapes / 2 CDs

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  Death of "The Death Of God"
Author: John Warwick Montgomery and Thomas Altizer

Dr. Montgomery's historic decimation of death-of-god theology in debate with Thomas J.J. Altizer at Rockefeller Memorial Chapel, University of Chicago, February 24, 1967.
For a transcript of this debate, see Dr. Montgomery's book The Suicide of Christian Theology

2 CDs

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  The Great Australia Atheism Debate
Author: John Warwick Montgomery and Mark Plummer

On February 14, 1986 in Sydney, Australia, Dr. Montgomery debated Mark Plummer, president of the Atheists and Skeptics Society of Australia. An overflow audience attended and the debate received full-page coverage in the Sydney Morning Herald (Australia's equivalent of the New York Times.) Hear Dr. Montgomery defend historic Christianity in this live, unedited recording.

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Jesus what evidence(sm).jpg (13414 bytes)
  Jesus: What Evidence?
Author: John Warwick Montgomery and George A. Wells

A classic debate between a Christian historian and theologian, and a humanist on the historical evidence for Jesus. Dr. Montgomery is well known internationally for his lectures and writings on the historicity of Jesus and the reliability of the New Testament documents. He has set forth his case in books such as History and Christianity Dr. G. A. Wells is also well known for his view that we have no reliable eyewitnesses to the events related in the New Testament. He has written the books Did Jesus Exist? and The Historical Evidence for Jesus. The debate took place in London, England February 10, 1993.

2 tapes / 2 CDs

Resurrection_evidencesm.jpg (12263 bytes)
  Jesus' Resurrection: What Historical Evidence?
Author: John Warwick Montgomery and Lester Grabbe

Centuries ago St. Paul stated the issue succinctly: "If Christ was not raised from the dead, then neither our preaching nor your faith has any meaning at all" (I Cor. 15:14, Phillips) Dr. Montgomery presents the case for the historicity of the resurrection, and the reliability of the New Testament accounts of the resurrection. Dr. Grabbe, Dean of the Theology Department at the University of Hull, argues that very little is known or knowable about what may have happened. What actually did happen that first Easter Sunday? And why can we confidently affirm, "He is risen; He is risen indeed."

2 tapes / 2 CDs

Situation Ethics(sm).jpg (11541 bytes)
  Situation Ethics
Author: John Warwick Montgomery and Joseph Fletcher

A live recording of the historic debate between the late Joseph Fletcher, father of "situation ethics," and John Warwick Montgomery at the San Diego State University. A devastating critique of all attempts to base morality on contexts, situations, or relativism.

2 tapes / 2 CDs

    Newon CDThe Dublin Debate: The Rationality Of Belief In God
John Warwick Montgomery, Dr. Angus Menuge, & Dr. Alistair Noble
vs. Dr. Sean Carroll, Fred Edwords, & Dr. Lewis Wolpert

This debate took place on October 2008, sponsored by the Literary and Historical Society of University College Dublin. The proposition being debated was, "That this house finds it irrational to believe in God." Dr. Montgomery and colleagues argued in support of the opposition. The audience of approximately 400 voted to defeat the proposition.

2 CDs

    Newon CDDoes God Exist? A Debate
John Warwick Montgomery & Mr. Livingston, President of Atheists United

In the fall of 1993, Whittier College – located in Whittier, California – hosted a lively debate. The topic: "Does God Exist?" And if so, does it matter? Each debater made a formal presentation, and then gave a brief critique of his opponent’s presentation. Then members of the audience had an opportunity to ask questions of the two debaters.

2 CDs


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